Easter Hunt, Earth Hour & Virtual Tips in Ireland

Wednesday 22-04-2020 - 15:46

Article by Darcy Lonergan, Dormitory Coordinator at USI

Easter Hunt image - two bunnies with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

  • “I am only used a few times a year”
  • “I keep it Fresh”
  • “I am always outside” ….what energy-saving device am I?

Did you guess correctly? If so, you could have been a winner in USI’s virtual Easter Hunt. We didn't want to miss our annual savage for prizes which takes place on campuses during the second term, so we ran a virtual ‘Easter Hunt’. We gave clues out via social media leading to an energy-saving device in the home and asked students to send in a snap of what they think it is, the first to guess correctly won a prize. Once the device was answered correctly we ensured people got a ‘fun energy tip’ too. We got a great response and it was amazing to see some of the answers. For instance, some thought we were talking about a BBQ with the above clues (we weren't!).

This was just one of the ways we adapted after universities were closed at the beginning of March. We also took Earth Hour online by challenging students to take part in our competition by sending us in snaps of how they were saving energy during that hour.

We understand it is a hard time for students right now so we ensure we post positive environmental news and links to where they can watch cute animals, after all, we all need to reminded why we save energy! Additionally, we expanded our online content to include videos/tips on how to reduce waste by creating face masks with leftover coffee grinds. As well as, encouraging students to use this time to reinvent some of their clothes into new items, jeans into shorts, tops in crop tops, etc. After all, waste and fashion have huge energy implications too.

We will continue to connect with students until the end of the term by providing them with online quizzes, photo competitions, energy tips for the home and, of course, preparing them for when they return to campuses next term. We hope you all are keeping safe during this time too.


By the way, the answer is a clothes-line :)


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