Flurry of activities at the University of Bucharest

Wednesday 21-02-2018 - 15:16

Article by Claudia Udrescu (Dormitory Coordinator, University of Bucharest)

2018 started with a flurry of SAVES 2 activities at the University of Bucharest! These included: photo competitions, setting up the dashboard so students can see how well their halls are doing, running a climate quiz, and other fun activities!

We are now preparing to visit some of the halls, to have some face to face chats with students, with the help of our 27 Student Switch Off ambassadors. We hope the spring will come soon and we won’t need to turn on the lights for our visits and finally get to turn off the heating!

We are happy to see our students engaging in our photo competitions and can see that step by step there is an increasing awareness of saving energy; by starting with really small actions, our students are becoming more aware of environmental issues.

If you didn’t do it yet, please like our @UOBSSO Facebook page, where you find our #SAVES2 project activities, news related to energy saving, climate change, and interesting facts and local news related to those topics.

We are also happy to host all the other countries delivering Student Switch Off (Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Ireland and the UK) in June 2018 in Bucharest and discuss our success and challenges so far, to invite our partners to discover our beautiful city and to share our future activities planned for SAVES2.

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