New beginnings at University of Bucharest

Monday 30-10-2017 - 13:43

Guest article by Claudia Udrescu (Dorm coordinator, University of Bucharest)

A new academic year begins at the University of Bucharest (UOB). But this is not an usual year. For us, the UOB team, it is the beginning of a challenge: being part of the SAVES 2 project, withinHorizon 2020 frame. The project aims to raise awareness and change students behaviour regarding energy consumption.

It is the very first project of the University of Bucharest related to energy saving and it involves the students living in university’s halls (4,622 in total), as current students and as future potential renters or owners of properties. We already had a preliminary meeting with students in order to select the students ambassadors. Their role is fundamental in the spreading the word about our project and about our activities and also because they are involved in each hall’s life. We have also a working agenda for the rest of the year: Facebook photo competitions, dormitories competitions on consumption reduction, the questionnaires to be answered by students, the climate quizzes etc.

A current challenge is to involve other actors and shareholders from the local community. Therefore we started to contact potential partners to support our project. To conclude: The University of Bucharest team is ready!

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