SAVES 2 at key energy poverty workshop

Monday 12-03-2018 - 11:05

The SAVES 2 project was delighted to be invited to present at the recent COST ENGAGER workshop held in Athens, Greece that took place 6-7th of March 2018. 

The workshop focused on energy poverty across Europe, with a specific focus on Greece, and was attended by over 70 energy poverty experts including policy makers, stakeholders and reknowned researchers from around Europe. The workshop aimed to analyse recent developments regarding energy poverty in Greece and Europe more widely, and to discuss options for tackling energy poverty in the future. 

Joanna Romanowicz (SAVES 2 programme manager) presented the SAVES 2 project, focusing on the SSO+ campaign, and the work the project has been doing around raising awareness amongst students on energy efficiency, energy performance certificates, and empowering students to make informed decisions in relation to energy of their homes in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Ireland and Lithuania. NUS UK's Homes Fit For Studies (HFFS) research was also presented, describing the experiences of students living in cold homes in the UK.

Ioannis Koussis from the National and Kapodistrian of Athens, the monitoring and evaluation partner of the SAVES 2 project, presented the preliminary findings of  similiar research being carried out across the 6 other SAVES 2 countries, describing both the experiences of students living in cold homes, but also the level of knowledge and engagement of landlords in those countries. The findings will be presented in a report later on this year, so watch this space!


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