Student Experiences at the University of Bucharest

Thursday 07-11-2019 - 17:24

Article by Magdalena Iordache Platis (Country Manager, University of Bucharest)

Collage of images from SAVES2 at UoB

The SAVES2 project continues in Romania and both the SSO campaign (for dormitory residents) and SSO+ campaign (for private renters) have launched in the 2019-20 academic year. New students have already signed up as being willing to find out more about saving energy, while former students think how they can contribute better to attract more dedicated students in the campaigns.

We asked a few of our students to share their experience of SAVES2 with us and here are some of their experiences:

"I personally discovered new things about different saving methods, very useful for my decisions" (Violeta Sbirnea);

"For me, SAVES2 meant change and awareness. I did small things that make a difference if they are continuously repeated. Through the project information I realised how many things were done wrong in my life and that changing for the better does not require a lot of effort, but just learning new techniques. Imagine how much will be improved if all people will be at least 50% dedicated to the saving objectives. SAVES2 will be always a project for my soul and I will continue to share the lessons learned to all the people around me. I really think that together, we can make a difference" (Alexandra Bucsaru);

"We are all facing a global tragedy in terms of environment and climate change. It is time for us to create a strategy to guide the choices we make today and now. In my opinion, SAVES2 is exactly doing this – helping the young generation to choose better lifestyles. The academic context is the best to provide students the knowledge and practice of saving energy and money" (Mihaela-Valentina Barbu).

Now that we are in the third year of the SSO campaign and the second year of the SSO+ campaign, students are more willing to get involved, as former students who have received training can show the benefits to new students. In addition, the project was considered by Professors in the Marketing school, as an example of a successful marketing campaign. Let’s grow our community and learn, play and save energy together!

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