Successful Fall semester in Cyprus

Wednesday 24-01-2018 - 16:09

Article by Christina Lambrou (Dormitory Coordinator, University of Cyprus)


At the University of Cyprus, we were excited to wrap up a successful Fall Semester 2017/18 campaign, and are now ready to start kicking of our new activities, for the Spring Semester 2017/18.

During the Fall Semester, amongst other activities, we set up our new Student Switch Off Website and the Dashboard, created a new Twitter page, trained nine (9) Ambassadors for our Student Halls, while identified and trained one Ambassador for our students living in private accommodation, as part of the Student Switch Off+ campaign. We also organized and performed an energy training event and completed four (4) photo competitions, and the 1st Online Climate Quiz.

Additionally, we have compiled a list of landlords who rent their accommodation to students and we are very happy to bring the European University of Cyprus on board the project, as they have agreed to disseminate the Student Switch Off+ advice to their own students. Advice is sent regularly to the students not living in student dorms via e-mail. For this purpose a mailing list has been created populated by 4.000 students that enables us reaching out to them once per month. Since the beginning of the new semester (January 15th, 2018), our personable and our enthusiastic Ambassadors, reminded the residents of good practices for saving energy, with emails, and face to face visits. Winter is here, so this is a perfect opportunity to remind students to put extra layers on, instead of turning up the heating. In addition, we shared our advice regarding good practices when searching for energy efficient housing, addressing the students who look into moving to our private sector housing.

We can’t wait to get started with the activities planned for this Semester, new photo competitions, the 1st one being today 24th of January, energy training events, fun activities etc.!  Stay tuned!

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