Technical University of Crete knows how to Switch Off!

Tuesday 16-04-2019 - 15:22

Article by Stelios Diakrousis (Dormitory Coordinator at Technical University of Crete, Greece)

Everything seems to suggest that it has been a very successful year for the SAVES2 campaign at TUC with lots of interest in both the SSO and SSO+ campaigns. Student ambassadors have been busy visiting dormitories and chatting to students about SSO inviting them to take part in our fun photo competitions. 

There has been some great engagement and creativity in our recent competitions; in our latest one, students decided to create comic story lines and drawings with energy saving actions (check out one of their entries at the bottom of this article).

Most recently, we created a video with the help of three SSO ambassadors, in which we described three simple tips on energy-saving methods at home:

1. Wash your clothes at 30 degrees

2. Defrost your freezer regularly

3. Open the window (or door) when you cook - avoid moisture!

You can enjoy the TUC video here:  

Students had the opportunity to come along to our latest ambassador training that took place in the middle of March 2019. As part of the training, the current SSO ambassadors shared their knowledge and their experience of the project with our newest recruits. There was lots of positivity around the room and it was great to see everyone working together towards a common goal.

We have already started to plan the last event of the year which will take before the academic year finishes, and will celebrate the achievements of SAVES 2 at TUC. SSO and SSO+ ambassadors and the TUC Radio team (RADIO ENTASI) are supporting the event and hope to make it unforgettable :) A local coffee shop is providing is providing us with free refreshments! Stay tuned! 

For more information, please visit and our Facebook page: Student Switch Off – TUC 



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