Winners and balloon rides

Friday 03-05-2019 - 16:23

Article by Darcy Lonergan (Dormitory Coordinator, Union of Students in Ireland)

The winners of this year’s Student Switch Off campaign (halls that saved the most energy) in Ireland were awarded their prizes earlier this month. At the National University of Galway, we were accompanied by the Environmental Health and Safety Manger Lorraine Rushe who said:

This is the second year that this campaign has been run in NUI Galway and it has been a huge success.  It creates awareness and empowers the students to take responsibility for the way in which they live and encourages them to reduce their impact on the environment and associated costs.  We can all learn from these initiatives and it is by getting students and staff to engage that we will start to see how small changes in the way we things do can make a big difference”. 

After filming a new set of videos with advice when searching for accommodation (watch this space!), the Student Switch Off team, along with some of its Ambassadors got an extra treat when they joined our sponsors ‘Ben & Jerrys’ Ice cream for a balloon ride in the park and free ice cream as part of International workers day.

The campaign continues during the exam period via our photo competitions and students have a chance to win ticket to the zoo and concerts. For more information on the Irish campaign, check out our website.


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