Year 3 of SAVES 2 comes to a close in Cyprus

Tuesday 14-07-2020 - 16:50

Article by Christina Lambrou, dormitory coordinator at UCY

SAVES 2 staff in Cyprus

With the third year of the SAVES 2 program now fulfilled, and even with the challenges we had to face with COVID-19, we feel pretty accomplished with the activities we have planned throughout the year, and everything we accomplished. Despite all the challenges we had to face, we were pretty busy and more importantly had fun with our students and enjoyed ourselves.

This year, along with our usual bi-weekly competitions and activities, we introduced giving a personal birthday gift to our Student Switch Off residents, along with a birthday card with advice on SAVES 2 energy tips. This was more of a personal touch, and many students were very thankful and excited to receive it on their birthday.

We also started announcing Ambassador of the Month, where the most active Ambassador was celebrated via social media to provide incentive to more students to take part. This was also accepted with excitement from our Ambassadors and gave them the boost needed to continue to take part in our activities.

Another new activity we introduced that was pretty successful, was setting up a monthly SAVES 2 station in a central location in the University, giving the opportunity to students to learn about the program, participate in fun games, enrol as Ambassadors etc.

Since it seems that most of our students and Ambassadors were happy to take part in the program, we hope that they have learnt how to use energy properly, and those that are now graduating, will continue to act on good practices in their own homes.

I hope everyone has a great, green, relaxing, and energy saving summer!

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